How to save money on BT Business Lines and call charges

21st March 2013

What is CPS? • Carrier pre Selection uses access codes to route calls via an alternative network and these are implemented at the exchange as opposed to customer’s premises. Therefore as the call reaches the BT exchange, the access code which is administered by OFCOM and only issued to licensed operators tells the exchange where… Read More »

What is WLR3?

21st March 2013

Historically line rental solutions and Least Cost Routing or Carrier Pre Select (CPS) as it’s known today have always come from BT. In order to fully understand the impact WLR3 has had on the industry lets first have a look at how BT is structured as a business. In 2005 UK communications regulator OFCOM decreed… Read More »

Allowing customers to contact you via a 0800 number can give your business a boost

23rd January 2013

Over the last decade we have witnessed the increasing use of non geographic numbers advertised by the business. Getting this decision right could make the difference between customers calling your business to inquire about a product or service. However dialling a 0870 or 0871 number can cost your customer up to 10p per minute which… Read More »